The Complete Guide to Storage Boxes

What is a storage box?

Storage boxes are durable and reusable containers which house items and components. They’re available in a variety of sizes to hold an assortment of objects, so they provide a great way to save space and keep areas tidy and organised.

They can be used to permanently store items in warehouses, workshops or garages, or to temporarily transport things to and from locations and hold them for a certain amount of time as interim storage solutions.

Many are stackable as well, so they can be stored on top of other boxes to save even more room. This keeps work or home environments tidy and makes it easier to locate various items or tools.

They’re most commonly made of plastic, because plastic storage boxes are easier to keep clean – particularly if they’re being used in environments where there can be lots of dirt or dust.


Different types of storage boxes

There’s a variety of types available, which are designed for different purposes. Some have open tops for easy access and visibility, while some feature lids to keep items contained and provide extra protection. They also come in a range of different sizes. Here’s an approximate size guide:

Small storage

Medium storage

Large storage

Extra-large storage

up to 15 litres volume capacity

16 to 35 litres volume capacity

36 to 80 litres volume capacity

81+ litres volume capacity

The section below explains more about the types of storage boxes available.

With lid

Euro box


Some have shockproof lids, which are ideal for more hazardous environments where they might get dropped or knocked, or if they’re frequently moved around.

Some have removable lids, while others are attached by durable hinges, so they stay on the container at all times.

These are heavy-duty space saving boxes which are manufactured to fit European standard size pallets.

A popular function of storage boxes is the ability to stack them on top of one another.

This type of box can either be securely stacked when in use or nestable when not in use, which helps to save room.

Choose types which have reinforced corners, as this gives them added strength when stacked.

With handles

With compartments

Foldable boxes

With wheels

For convenient transportation, some boxes feature handles to make them easier to move and carry.

Some have removable plastic inserts to keep smaller items and components neatly organised.

These boxes are generally plastic and have a collapsible functionality so they can be folded flat and put away when not in use.

Ones that feature wheels are designed to make transportation even easier, as well as storage, as it prevents the carrier having to hold the weight of the box.

What are storage boxes used for?

There are lots of different uses for storage boxes, and they’re utilised in a wide variety of industries and applications. Here are some of the most common uses:

Food processing



They’re regularly used in the food and beverage industry. That’s because of the requirement for food to be kept fresh and in good condition when it reaches the supermarket. Once in the supermarkets, storage boxes minimise damage and enable produce to be stored and moved around easily.

A typical construction site will require storage for hundreds of fasteners, nails, rivets, screws, nuts or bolts, and so a storage box can house and organise these items in large quantities.

A plastic storage box is one of the most practical ways of holding items like saws, drills, wrenches and hammers. Plus, they won’t get too damaged by these heavy items when in transit.

What materials are storage boxes made of?

They’re available in a variety of different materials such as cardboard, wood, metal or even wicker baskets, but plastic is the most popular choice for workplace storage. That’s because they’re water resistant and a lot stronger than alternative materials. This makes plastic storage boxes particularly useful for industrial environments, where boxes are likely to be exposed to harsher atmospheres.

This also means they’re available in a variety of colours. Black, grey and white are common colour choices for workplace storage, while transparent storage boxes are also available and make it easier to view the contents of the box.

Popular storage box brands

Please use the links below to view storage boxes produced by some of our most popular brands.