Corded Impact Drills

Corded impact drills are drills that deliver concussive blows combined with bit rotation to drive in or loosen screws or other fasteners. They have the additional benefit of forcing the bit into the screw head for improved grip. 

How do corded impact drills work?

By combining concussion (or downward force) with rotation, corded impact drills are able to drive through tough materials without the drive slipping off the screw head. This slippage could potentially strip the head and ruin the screw. The hammering action of corded impact drills makes it easier to remove fasteners that have corroded or been over-torqued. They're useful when you don't want to drill a pilot hole or if you're using self-tapping screws.

What are corded impact drills used for?

The torque (rotational force) that corded impact drills have makes them ideal for driving screws, as their additional force makes them highly precise. Corded impact drills are particularly useful for jobs, such as installing decking or putting up cabinets, that involve driving longs screws or a lot of screws. Their cord connects them directly to the mains, so you don't have worry about running out of battery charge.

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Description Price Speed Drilling Capacity Masonry Drilling Capacity Metal Drilling Capacity Wood Chuck Size Voltage Rating Wattage Chuck Type Impact Rate Plug Type Model Number
RS Stock No. 683-576
Mfr. Part No.8406/2
0 → 1500rpm 20 mm 13 mm 30 mm 13mm 240V 850W Geared 22500bpm Type G - British 3-pin -
RS Stock No. 108-965
Mfr. Part No.HP2071FJ
0 → 1200 rpm, 0 → 2900 rpm 20 mm 8 → 16 mm 25 → 40 mm 2.5 → 13mm - 1.01kW Quick Release 0 → 24000/0 → 58000bpm Type C - Euro Plug HP2071F