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    Mag Drills

    Magnetic Base Drills, also known as Mag Drills or simply Magnetic Drills, are drills designed specifically for drilling holes with annular cutters, twist drills, counter-bores, countersinks and step drills in an in all kind of magnetic metals. The machine is held onto a magnetisable surface using its electromagnetic base. The drills can be used vertically, horizontally and upside down, provided the magnetic adhesion and work environment allow.

    How do they work?

    Magnetic base drills can be used on a vertical surface or upside down provided there is sufficient magnetic adhesion. Extra care should be taken when drilling vertically or upside down. When using the machine vertically or upside down it is possible to hot and sharp chips may fall. Always wear appropriate personal protective equipment.

    What are the key features of mag drills?

    • Lightweight
    • Compact
    • Powerful
    • Electromagnetic or Permanent Magnet
    • Utilises standard twist drills bits, Annular Cutters or Rotary Cutters
    • Ergonomics and high precision engineering

    What different types are there?

    • Magnetic Base Drill 110 V
    • Magnetic Base Drill and 230 V

    Which application would you use it?

    Mag drills are ideal choice for all professional metal drilling and cutting applications. Designed for use in fabrication, construction, railways, petrochemical and any other applications when drilling ferrous metal.

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