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    Precision Scales

    Precision weighing scales offer an array of features as part of your weighing from percentages of weight to weight accumulation. A precision scale is also known as an analytical balance and used for high levels of accuracy and capable of sub milligram increments. Used to measure lightweight object or substances within laboratories, schools or field work. Most precision scales feature a digital display for easy-to-read measurements and monitoring increments.

    Precision scales from RS provide weighing options in grams (g), kilograms (kg), Pounds (lbs) and Stone (St). Digital scales can convert metrics when measuring out, so you can set the scales to which ever metric you need.

    Calibrated Precision Weighing Scales

    When your scales are in constant use, it’s important they stay accurate, one way to ensure this is through calibrating your scales. Having your scales calibrated will ensure your scales are reading true every time to a high level of accuracy. RS offers a calibrated option at initial purchase stage and a yearly calibration service all to RSCAL standard.

    Where are Precision Weighing Scales used for?

    Precision weighing scales are most accurate type of scales used across several industries, because of there highly detailed accuracy. Most commonly found in:

    • Laboratories
    • Research facilities
    • Hospitals
    • GP Practices
    • Schools
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