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    FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera Accessories

    FLIR strives to offer high-quality thermal imaging technology that can be used in various public sectors, ranging from diagnostic, maintenance, and security and surveillance.

    FLIR thermal imaging camera accessories offer an expansive range of accessories to accompany FLIR thermal imaging cameras and modules, ultimately to enhance their usability. The FLIR accessories within this range include: batteries and battery chargers, port adapters, lenses, cases, USB cables, tripod adapters, cables, and much more.

    To ensure optimum durability and functionality, it's important to consider the environment and intended use when selecting FLIR thermal imaging camera accessories. Some common FLIR thermal imaging camera accessories and their functions are:
    • External Battery Charger – Effectively recharge rechargeable batteries separately from the device, minimising downtime to operations.
    • IR Lens – Provides high optical quality and may be designed with materials to withstand harsh environments.
    • Li-Ion Battery Pack – A portable power supply that enhances the longevity of your inspections.
    • Sun Shield - Shields prevent direct sunlight from negatively impacting the thermal images, making outdoor inspections efficient.
    • Tripod Adapter – Tripod adapters provide a strong connection to tripods to enhance stability for hands-free operations.
    • Wide Angle Lens – Gain a wide field of view to optimise inspection visibility.
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