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    ABB Isolator Switches

    Isolator switches are switch disconnectors that are designed to safely power down a circuit, to allow for maintenance and servicing. ABB manufacture a vast range of high-quality switches that are designed to provide reliable and versatile performance in a variety of applications. Their extensive range of isolator switches are available in both fused and non-fused versions.

    ABB isolator switches come in a variety of ingress protection ratings, ranging from IP00 to IP65. An IP rating is an important consideration when choosing an isolator switch as it indicates the effectiveness of an electrical enclosure in blocking solids, liquids, and other foreign bodies. A rating of IP00 would represent no protection from solids and liquids, whereas an IP65 rating would represent full protection from submersion in water. ABB isolator switches offer excellent performance and high reliability, as well as easy installation and maintenance.

    What is the difference between a fused and a non-fused isolator switch?

    Whilst a fused isolator switch will use fuses to disconnect and break the circuit, a non-fused isolator switch will use either a knife-blade disconnect, or a rotary switch. Non-fused isolator switches are therefore easy to reset without the need for replacement fuses. Fused isolator switches, however, provide a higher level of safety, as the fuse will blow in the event of any breaches, such as over currents or short circuits.

    What can ABB isolator switches be used for?

    ABB isolator switches, also referred to as safety switches, are an electrical safety device that are primarily used to manually disconnect power for transformers and circuit breakers. They are often used in industrial environments, such as control settings, automation applications, electrical maintenance, and more.
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