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    Eaton Isolator Switches

    When you need to swiftly and easily cut off power to your electrical circuits, Eaton's isolator switches are the ideal solution.

    What's an Isolator Switch?

    A vital component in electrical systems - an isolator switch is simply a type of switch which disconnects an electrical circuit from its power supply. They provide a safe, reliable means of isolating electrical equipment during situations such as maintenance, repair work, inspections, or emergencies. This ensures a higher level of protection for anyone interacting with the equipment and circuits, and can also safeguard your equipment against damage. Their function is straightforward - when the switch is in the 'off' position, the electrical flow is interrupted. You'll find these handy devices used in a broad variety of industries such as: transportation, data centres, food and beverage, healthcare, renewable energy, and manufacturing.

    Eaton have a massive range of isolator switches to suit your needs. You can select options including single-phase or 3-phase switches, enclosed and non-enclosed types, IP65 rated units, DIN rail mounting, surface mounting, up to 6 poles, and padlocked types.

    As a global expert in power management, you can trust Eaton to deliver top-quality power protection solutions that can handle the demands of complex modern applications.

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