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    MSP430 microcontrollers are an ultra-low powered MCU solution, featuring digital and analog peripherals ideal for a range of measurement and sensor applications. The 16-bit RISC architecture of MSP430 MCU’s also make them suitable for wireless, low-power industrial and portable applications. Due to the ease of use and broad suite of development tools and support available, MSP430 microcontrollers have become the go to for many developers.

    What peripherals does MSP430 support?

    MSP430 microcontrollers offer a wide range of high-performance system peripherals, providing developers with a wide range of MCU’s to suit their needs. Many of the common peripherals MSP430 microcontrollers support include:

    • USB
    • RF
    • LCD controllers
    • Sigma-Delta ADCs

    At RS you will find an extensive selection of high performing MSP430 and other microcontrollers from leading brand Texas Instruments, each with various pin configurations.

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