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    PIC Microcontroller

    PIC microcontrollers (Programmable Interface Controllers) are a series of microcontrollers from Microchip that are electronic circuits which can be programmed to perform various tasks. There are many types of PIC microcontrollers available which can be purchased as pre-built circuits or kits that can be put together by the user. These controllers come with several forms including PIC32 bit, 16bit and 8bit depending on the specific PIC microcontroller family.

    PIC devices include a number of integrated on-board peripherals including USB, CAN and Ethernet connectivity which make these microcontrollers (MCUs) suitable for a variety of applications. These microcontrollers also come in various packages such as PDIP, QFN, MSOP, PLCC with each having its own unique advantage and disadvantage.

    Typical Applications for PIC

    Due to their ease of programming and interfacing with other peripherals these low-cost PIC microcontrollers are commonly used in electronic devices including:

    • Computer control systems
    • Phones
    • Alarm systems

    PIC Microcontrollers are constantly expanding with improved features and specifications making them a great chip to meet the ever-changing world of modern electronics.

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