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    The ATtiny84 is part of the ATtiny series of AVR microcontrollers (MCUs) by Microchip and its design is based on RISC architecture. The ATtiny84 is a very small and low-cost microcontroller which can be programmed with an Arduino. This chip has a low power consumption with a voltage range from 1.8V to 5.5V and is available in various packages such as SOIC and PDIP.

    The ATiny84 chip is a 8-bit processor which has 14 pins, 12 I/O pins and features:

    • 8K Flash
    • 512 Bytes of EEPROM
    • 512 Bytes of SRAM
    • Maximum Frequency 20MHz
    • 8 ADC channels
    • 4 PWM channels
    • 8 bit and 16 bit timer/counter with two PWM channels

    Like the AVR ATtiny85 microcontroller, the ATtiny84 is a great little chip for small projects where size is critical.

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