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    RF ICs

    RF IC's or Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits are specific semiconductor components commonly used in wireless devices and mobile phones. Here at RS, we offer a number of different RF IC technology types such as receivers, transmitters, transceivers and switch circuits.

    RF IC Types

    • RF Receivers - Receivers are components that are designed to receive radio frequency signals from other devices.
    • RF Transmitters - Transmitters are used in wireless devices to transmit the radio frequency signals between two devices.
    • RF Transceivers - Transceivers are components similar to receivers in the way they are designed to receive radio frequency signals but they can also transmit these signals too just like transmitters.
    • RF Switch Circuits - A switch circuit is a component that routes high-frequency signals through transmission paths, they also support the integration of multiple radios that use a signal antenna.

    RF IC Applications

    RF ICs can be used in a range of different wireless devices and different applications here are just a few:

    • Communications,
    • Remote Controls,
    • Car Alarm Systems,
    • Automation,
    • Security and CCTV,
    • Keyless Entry Systems.
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