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    Grinders are handheld power tools that are used for grinding, shaping and polishing a wide range of materials such as concrete, metal, and stone. A grinder has a motor that drives a spinning abrasive disc or wheel with grit particles on it. When applied to a workpiece the rotating disc removes material to create the desired shape or surface.

    Types of Grinder

    Angle Grinders: Angle Grinders also known as side grinders or disc grinders are used in more heavy-duty tasks where larger material removal is required. Angle grinders are available as Cordless Angle Grinders and corded angle grinders.

    Die Grinders: Die Grinders are hand-held rotary tools that are used for the precision grinding and polishing of smaller areas and workpieces

    Bench Grinders Bench Grinders are mounted onto a pedestal or a bench and use grinding wheels for grinding, sharpening tools, buffing and polishing

    Air Grinders>Air Grinders are compact, lightweight grinders powered by compressed air.

    Grinders are available from leading brands such as DeWALT Grinders, Makita Grinders, Milwaukee Grinders and Bosch Grinders

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