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    Bosch Grinders

    A range of high-quality reliable grinders from Bosch including Bosch angle grinders and Bosch die grinders designed for tough cutting and grinding applications. Bosch grinders are available as both corded and cordless with the Bosch cordless grinders being ideal for working off site or in remote areas. A range of voltages are also available including popular Bosch 18V grinders. Some Bosch angle grinders feature a brushless motor technology called BITURBO which only require one high performance ProCORE18V battery which can provide up to 2000W of corded power. BITURBO tools also have built in features such as soft start and safety features including kickback control, vibration control, drop control and X-brake. For the quick and convenient change of accessories some Bosch angle grinders feature the X-LOCK system which allows you to change discs without the need for any additional tooling.

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