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    Makita Grinders

    Makita grinders are professional power tools that are built with the highest quality materials and engineered to provide superior performance. They offer fast cutting performance and feature excellent grip, balance, and control.

    Makita angle and die grinders

    Makita angle and die grinders are tools used for grinding and polishing. They are typically heavy duty, powerful and quick to perform a range of tasks from cutting to polishing within a workshop environment or home garage.

    Makita cordless and corded grinders

    Makita cordless and corded grinders are professional grade power tools used to cut, sand, polish, and grind metal objects. Makita angle grinders (also called orbits) have a three-wheel design with two to six grinding wheels (either aluminium oxide or diamond-impregnated). The third wheel is the work clamp that holds onto an object during the cutting process. Although the Makita grinder looks like a household drill press, it is much more powerful. It can be used for moulding and sealing concrete, cutting metal pipes and car body panels, cleaning brick and tile surfaces, shaping concrete blocks from scratch, making holes in concrete by dusting off masonry bits in machines.

    Makita Grinders provide more metal removal capability and reduces work time by eliminating the need for hand sanding. The exclusive metal gear case helps withstand drops, falls, impacts, and contact with other metal objects to protect the inner mechanism against breakage and damage. With up to four times more metal removal capability than competitive grinders, Makitas new angle grinder delivers unrivalled durability.

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