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    Die Grinders

    Die grinders are a type of hand-held power grinder used for grinding, sanding, honing or polishing material (typically metal, but also plastic or wood).

    Difference between a straight die grinder and angled die grinder

    A straight die grinder has a head that runs parallel to the tool shaft, whereas an angled die grinder has a head that turns at a right angle. Angled die grinders are better for getting into tight spaces and confined spots. Straight die grinders are better for getting into narrow spaces.

    Best uses of straight die grinders

    Straight die grinders are commonly used by metal workers, machinists, automotive professionals and restoration tradesmen for:

    • Construction and automotive purposes- to clean rusty car parts or remove signs of welding.
    • Polishing steel - to smooth out rough metal edges. If you've welded the parts together the result can look unprofessional if it hasn't been smoothed out with a die grinder.
    • Removing rust on iron or steel - instead of using sandpaper to manually smooth out rusted material, consider using a die grinder which can do the job more quickly.
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