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    Solar Inverters

    Solar inverters (also referred to as photovoltaic inverters) are a crucial component in any solar PV system. Whilst solar panels are key in creating direct current (DC) electricity, a solar PV inverter allows this electrical energy to be converted to alternating current (AC). As a result, this allows the electrical energy created to be used with a wide range of electrical appliances. Utilising a solar inverter or photovoltaic inverter is the most efficient way of capturing and using electrical energy via solar panels, in many cases losing only around 2-5% of electricity that is used to power itself. Many solar PV inverters also allow you to actively monitor the performance of your PV system and quickly identify any faults that may occur.

    Types of Solar Inverters

    With the rise in demand for renewable energy, there are a variety of solar PV inverters in the market to choose from. Depending on the type of solar system setup you require will determine the type of solar inverter needed. The three most common types include string solar inverters, hybrid inverters, and micro inverters. String inverters as the name suggests can be linked to multiple panels in a grid, sending all energy to a single inverter. Micro-inverters are smaller inverters that are attached to individual solar panels. As a result these inverters are more efficient as the system will still perform well despite shading or inconsistent panels. Monitoring of individual panels is also achieved with micro-inverters however, these tend to be more expensive. Hybrid solar inverters are often referred to as battery ready inverters as they combine a solar and battery inverter. These types of PV systems offer flexibility with energy usage and storage.

    Where Should Solar Inverters Be Installed?

    Solar power inverters should be installed somewhere that is easily accessible, allowing you to monitor and review when required. A suitable place to install a photovoltaic inverter is in a garage, plant room or utility room with good ventilation. In some instances a loft space may be used, however, it is not recommended as excessive heat produced can impact the amount of energy your inverter will generate.

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