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    Norgren Pneumatic Piston Rod Cylinders

    Find the perfect pneumatic cylinder for your industrial automation application with Norgren's range of durable, high-performance cylinders at RS.

    Pneumatic cylinders, also known as pneumatic drives, are mechanical devices which provide force and motion by converting compressed air energy. Piston rod cylinders contain pistons which are moved by the air when it is forced into the device, creating linear motion. Single-acting cylinders move the piston rod in one direction with compressed air and use a spring mechanism to move it back. Double-acting cylinders use compressed air to move the piston in both directions. They are typically used in factory automation systems, such as manufacturing, packaging, and materials handling.

    Norgren offers a comprehensive portfolio of pneumatic cylinders to choose from such as roundline, compact, and ISO linear.

    The roundline models are perfect for lighter duty, lower force installations and cover a variety of bore sizes up to 63mm to suit your requirements. Norgen's compact cylinders are ideally used where space is limited due to their small size, with devices just one third of the length of an equivalent standard ISO profile actuator. The ISOLine units adhere to the latest ISO 15552, VDMA 24562 & NFE 49-003-01 standards along with the previous ISO 6431. They are designed to be long-lasting, offer superior performance, and work well in high temperatures.

    Norgren have extensive history and expertise when it comes to designing pioneering pneumatic fluid and motion control technology. With a reputation for making efficient, safe, and high-quality products, Norgren pneumatic solutions are used all over the world.

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