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    Norgren RM 8000 Pneumatic Piston Rod Cylinders

    For safe, stable and effective control of linear motion in mechanical processes, choose from the RM 8000 pneumatic piston rod cylinder range by Norgren.

    What's a Pneumatic Piston Rod Cylinder and how does it work?

    A piston rod cylinder is a pneumatic device which uses compressed air to create motion, typically for repetitive mechanical tasks such as pressing, pushing, clamping, lifting, or pulling. Their construction is made up on a cylindrical tube, a piston, and a rod which is attached to the piston. Air supplied through the ports causes pressure on the piston and rod, creating linear movement. These devices are commonly used in automation and manufacturing processes. For example, packaging, assembly lines, food and beverage, and robotics. You can also find them in various other industries such as transportation, energy, medical.

    The RM 8000 range of pneumatic piston rod cylinders by Norgren use a magnetic piston and are double acting, meaning that they will move the piston both forwards and backwards. These units are corrosion resistant, so you can rely on them for a long service life even in harsh conditions. The barrel is made of robust stainless steel, and the RM 8000 units also have NBR seals which offer resistance to oils and chemicals. They come with a nose mounting nut and piston rod locknut as standard. You can use these cylinders in temperatures of -10 to +80°C, making them a dependable choice for industrial environments. They can be mounted in any position, so installation is also easy and convenient.

    Norgren is a trusted global industry leader in the field of precise motion control and fluid technology, with a strong history in creating efficient and high-quality pneumatic solutions. Here at RS we have a wide selection of Norgren products so that you can design and create a safe, high-performance pneumatic system.

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