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    Norgren PRA Pneumatic Piston Rod Cylinders

    These PRA ISOLine cylinders by Norgren offer a high-performance and dependable addition to your industrial automation processes. Choose from our comprehensive selection of PRA cylinders here at RS Components and find the ideal fit for your pneumatic application.

    What are Pneumatic Cylinders/Piston Rod Cylinders?

    Pneumatic cylinders, also known as pneumatic drives, are mechanical devices which provide force and motion by converting compressed air energy. Piston rod cylinders contain pistons which are moved by the air when it is forced into the device, creating linear motion. Single-acting cylinders move the piston rod in one direction with compressed air and use a spring mechanism to move it back. Double-acting cylinders use compressed air to move the piston in both directions. They are typically used in factory automation systems, such as manufacturing, packaging, and materials handling.

    These Norgren PRA ISOLine cylinders are double acting and feature an adaptive cushioning system which provides a highly effective damping function. The barrels are made of anodised aluminium which ensures enhanced protection against corrosion and wear-and tear. They can operate in a temperature range of -20 to 80°C, making them ideally suited for demanding industrial installations. A range of strokes are available, from 15mm up to 500mm. These cylinders also use Polyurethane seals which ensure low friction operation and longer life.

    Norgren help people to optimise their pneumatic systems by delivering innovative engineering solutions that aim to maximise uptime. As a trusted global leader in motion control and fluid technology with a huge portfolio, you can depend on Norgren products to streamline your pneumatics system.

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