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    Norgren RA Pneumatic Cylinders

    Experience simple, dependable, precise operation with the Norgren RA pneumatic cylinders range here at RS.

    What is a Pneumatic Piston Rod Cylinder?

    A pneumatic piston rod cylinder is a type of mechanical device which produces linear motion via compressed air. This means that they can be used for repetitive tasks like lifting, pulling, pressing, pushing, and clamping. As such, you'll find these devices frequently used in automation and manufacturing processes such as assembly lines, robotics, food and beverage, and packaging, as well as other industries such as medical and transportation.

    How do they operate?

    These cylinders consist of a cylindrical tube, a piston, and a rod. When compressed air is supplied to the pneumatic cylinder through the ports, this exerts pressure on the piston and causes it to move. This will also cause the rod to move, creating the linear motion.

    The RA range by Norgren includes the RA 802 series pneumatic cylinders. These cylinders feature a high-performance adaptive cushioning system (ACS), which allows automatic adaptation to an application without any need to adjust the cushion screw. Due to this, installation is simple. These cylinders are also double-acting, so they will move the piston in both directions unlike single-acting types. These units come with polyurethane seals so that friction is minimised, enabling a long and efficient service life. You can rely on these cylinders in rugged conditions as they are shock and vibration tested to EN 61373, making them a durable choice for your installation.

    What should I consider when buying a pneumatic piston rod cylinder?

    You will need to consider the force required for your machinery, what the available pressure is, and the speed of movement and air consumption.

    Norgren have a huge portfolio of fluid and motion control products to choose from, so you can find the perfect solution for your pneumatic application.

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