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    Festo Pneumatic Fittings & Connectors

    Explore our wide range of Festo pneumatic fittings and connectors. Festo is a renowned global leader in pneumatic solutions, offering an extensive range of pneumatic connectors and fittings. Discover the quality and versatility of Festo fittings, designed to meet diverse industrial needs.

    What Festo pneumatic fittings and connectors are available?

    We offer a comprehensive selection of quality Festo fittings, so you can find the right one for your specific industrial application. Popular series include:

    • Festo QS Series:Precision meets simplicity with QS push in fittings, offering secure and leak-resistant connections. Ideal for diverse applications, these fittings ensure efficiency in pneumatic systems. Pair with PUN-H tubing for maximum flexibility across standard applications.
    • Festo QSM Series:Streamline your installations with the QSM miniature series pneumatic fittings, designed for reliable connections in compact spaces.
    • Festo NPQM Series: Choose this fitting for high pressure and temperature environments. This metal push in fitting is great value and a breeze to install.
    • Festo NPQR SeriesThis stainless steel push in fitting offers a high level of resistance against chemical exposure and corrosion. It's also suitable for higher temperature settings.

    You can find out more Festo pneumatic fittings, and how to choose the right type for your application, in our helpful pneumatic fittings guide.

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