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    Pneumatic Fittings

    If you are working with any kind of pressurised gas system then you’ll certainly need pneumatic fittings. They are mechanical components used to link together sections of tubing, pipe, or hose, allowing air or gas to flow through your system from one part to another. These fittings typically have tighter seals and lower pressure requirements compared to hydraulic fittings.

    Although Pneumatic fittings are only a small part of the overall pneumatic system design they are undoubtedly one of the most important. Pneumatic fittings, along with their tubes, pipes and hoses connect all of the other vital components together. They play a critical role in ensuring your pneumatic system operates safely and efficiently whilst helping to maintain air pressure and prevent leaks.

    Here, at RS we offer an extensive range of high-quality pneumatic fittings from industry-leading brands such as Festo, SMC, Legris, Norgren and of course RS PRO. You can find more information in our pneumatic fittings guide

    Pneumatic Fitting Types

    Pneumatic fittings are made from a variety of materials such as brass, stainless steel or plastic. Fittings are also available in different shapes and sizes to suit a wide range of applications. Some of the most common types of pneumatic fittings include:

    Straight Pneumatic Fittings

    Straight fittings are the simplest type of fitting. They are designed to form a solid 180° connection between parts. Straight pneumatic fittings typically have Threaded-to-Push-In or Push-In-to-Push-In connection types.

    Elbow Pneumatic Fittings

    Elbow fittings change the direction of flow to various angles. The most common are 90° and 45°. These fittings come in various connectivity options such as Threaded-to-Push-In, Threaded-to-Threaded or Push-In-to-Push-In.

    Tee & Y Pneumatic Fittings

    Tee and Y fittings connect three or four flow divisions into T or Y-shaped intersections. They allow the air or gas to merge or split apart. These fittings come in various connection options including Threaded-to-Push-In, Threaded-to-Threaded or Push-In-to-Push-In.

    Pneumatic Fitting Connection Types

    As we mentioned before pneumatic fittings come in various shapes and sizes, and they can also be connected in different ways too. The most common types of connections are


    This type of fitting has screw threads on the inner (female) or outer (male) surfaces. They are designed to connect or mate to other threaded pneumatic fittings. Threaded fittings can’t be directly connected to the tubing.


    This type of fitting is one of the most common connection types used in the market today. Tool-free, they provide a secure and reliable connection. With their easy connection and release mechanism Push-In fittings are quick and simple to use. Push-In fittings are perfect for applications where frequent connection and disconnection is required.

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