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    Milwaukee Heated Jackets

    Milwaukee heated jackets are a line of clothing designed for people who work outdoors or in cold environments. These jackets are equipped with carbon fiber heating elements that are powered by a rechargeable battery pack. The heating elements are strategically placed throughout the jacket to provide warmth to the wearer's core, arms, and back.

    Milwaukee offers a range of heated jackets for men and women, with different styles and levels of insulation. Some jackets are designed for extremely cold weather conditions and feature waterproof and windproof materials, while others are more lightweight and designed for milder temperatures.

    Features and Benefits of Milwaukee Heated Jackets

    • Stay warm in cold temperatures: The primary benefit of a heated jacket is that it helps you stay warm and comfortable in cold weather conditions. The heating elements provide warmth to your core, arms, and back, keeping you cosy and comfortable even in freezing temperatures.
    • Increased productivity: When you are warm and comfortable, you are more productive. A heated jacket can help you work more efficiently, without being distracted by the cold.
    • Improved safety: Working in cold weather conditions can be hazardous, as it can affect your ability to focus and perform tasks. A heated jacket can help you stay alert and focused, reducing the risk of accidents.
    • Long-lasting battery life: Milwaukee heated jackets are designed to provide long-lasting battery life, allowing you to stay warm for hours at a time. The battery packs are rechargeable, so you can use them over and over again.
    • Versatility: Milwaukee heated jackets come in a range of styles and insulation levels, making them suitable for a variety of cold weather conditions. They can be worn as a standalone jacket or as a layering piece.

    What Battery do I need to heat the jacket?

    Milwaukee heated jackets typically use a REDLITHIUM™ USB battery pack to power the carbon fibre heating elements. The battery pack is rechargeable and can be easily replaced if needed.

    The REDLITHIUM™ USB battery pack is designed to provide long-lasting power to the heating elements, allowing you to stay warm for several hours at a time. It has a compact and lightweight design, making it easy to carry around and store.

    Milwaukee offers several different sizes and capacities of battery packs, depending on the specific heated jacket model and the level of heating required. The battery pack can be charged using a USB port or a standard wall charger, and it typically takes a few hours to fully charge.

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