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    Womens Safety Trainers

    If you work in an area where your daily tasks could cause injury it is vital that your feet are fully protected. Wearing suitable, well-fitting footwear helps with balance and posture, preventing slips or trips. They can also protect your feet from heavy objects' cuts and punctures. Our women’s safety trainers are robust, breathable, and flexible offering all-day comfort without compromising style or protection.

    What are the different types of women’s safety trainers?

    Ladies' safety trainers come in various types suitable for industrial and commercial applications. Choose from a range of sizes and materials in both lace-up or Velcro strap fastening. Some of the most popular women’s work trainers are

    Women’s Steel Toe Cap Trainers

    Ladies' steel toe cap trainers contain a metal insert in the front toe section of the trainer. They are designed to protect your feet from crushing injuries or being penetrated by sharp objects.

    Women’s Anti Static Trainers

    Ladies' anti-static trainers are worn in areas where the protection of sensitive equipment or components is important. They are designed to conduct electric charges and build up to ground protecting you from static shock.

    Women’s Anti Slip Trainers

    Ladies' anti-slip trainers have a special type of sole, usually made from rubber or other non-slip materials. Anti-slip trainers are designed to protect you from slippery surfaces by providing extra grip and traction.

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