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    DeWALT Safety Trainers

    Looking for top of the range, high-quality safety trainers? Well, you have come to the right place. From the iconic brand DeWALT a selection of safety trainers designed for and worn by professionals. Our range of DeWALT safety trainers ensures your feet are fully protected from daily hazards, without compromising on comfort or style.

    Why should I choose them?

    With decades of manufacturing experience and expertise, DeWALT is one of the industry-leading brands when it comes to producing personal protective equipment. Using the latest technologies and materials DeWALT work trainers are second to none.

    What are the different types of DeWALT work trainers?

    Two of the most popular ranges are the DeWALT Cutter and the DeWALT Krypton. Both styles are lace-up with steel toe caps but have slightly different features.

    DeWALT Cutter Features and Benefits

    • Chemical, oil, penetration, petrol, and water-resistant
    • Leather/mesh upper
    • Steel toe cap
    • EVA/Rubber outsole
    • Anti‐bacterial comfort inner sole
    • Safety rating SB/SRA

    DeWALT Krypton Features and Benefits

    • Lightweight, but tough
    • One-piece moulded polyurethane upper
    • Steel toe cap
    • Non-metallic midsole protection
    • EVA/Rubber outsole
    • Anti-bacterial midsole protection
    • Safety rating SBP/SRA
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