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    LED Cabinet Lights

    Looking for LED cabinet lights then we are sure to have the solution. These lights are so versatile you’ll find them within museums, laboratories, enclosures units, or even households. Their primary purpose once installed is to provide the light that enhances exhibits, illuminate work surfaces when installed underneath cabinets or inside enclosures. Another benefit is they can be used as a secondary light source.

    Browse our range of LED cabinet lights for your ideal solution, all products are sourced from leading brands such as; PowerLED, STEGO, Idec, Knightsbridge, Rittal, Finder and RS PRO.

    Why choose LED cabinet lighting?

    Our range of LED cabinet lights are available in various styles, lengths and light colours to ensure you achieve the desired effect. Cabinet lighting are also popular for creating mood lighting commonly found in kitchens and bathrooms cabinets. Our selection of light colours includes warm white and cool white two very popular choices that produce excellent illumination and the desired look.

    Popular LED cabinet lights

    • LED Illumination Units
    • Strip Lights
    • Light Bars
    • PIR Enclosure Lamps
    • CCT Link Lights
    • Panel Lights


    • Laboratories testing areas
    • Electrical & Electronic servicing stations
    • IT enclosures
    • Kitchen and bathrooms cabinets

    Why would you choose RS for LED cabinet lights?

    Browsing our offer has vastly improved making it simple to select your ideal LED cabinet lights and accessories. We supply customers with the latest products supported with technical information and first-class customer service.

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