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    Claw Hammers

    Claw hammers, most often associated with woodworking, can be used for a multitude of jobs. Claw hammers feature two sides, the first is a solid face for driving nails into an object or hitting objects and materials such as chisels or parts of a project into place. The second is a split, fork-like tail for extracting nails or prying objects apart. Claw hammers come in a range of materials and can feature metal, wooden or rubber handgrips. Claw hammers come in a range of weights and sizes to suit both the user and the job at hand.

    There are many types of handles that make up a claw hammer. You could select a short-handled claw hammer if space is an issue and offer more accuracy. The handle of the hammer can also vary from wooden, steel and fibreglass, which absorbs the shock and can reduce vibration whilst offering high strength.

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