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    Ball Pein Hammers

    Ball pein hammers are a great choice for any professional due to its versatility, the hammer is a good size to fit in your Tool Boxes or Tool Bags. Predominately constructed with a strong wooden handle and a hardened metalhead to withstand constant metal striking. RS has an excellent range of Ball Pein Hammers that offers excellent durability and precision, a forged and heat-treated head for rigorous metal impact provides comfort and strength over continuous use.

    What are they also known as?

    • Ball Pein hammers are also known as
    • Peen hammers
    • Engineers hammers
    • Machinists hammers
    • Blacksmithing hammers

    Why would you buy these hammers?

    These hammers are virtually indestructible, durable there are care and attention to safety, reduced shock and vibration to help with fatigue plus the ergonomically designed grips offer comfort during prolonged use.

    How do they work?

    Ball Pein Hammers are commonly used in metalwork fabrication and blacksmithing. Peening is the process of hardening a surface by impact. The head of the hammer has a flat face for striking sheet metal, centre punches and cold chisels. The ball face is used for rounding off the edges of metal pins and fastenings, closing rivets and shaping and bending metal.

    Head Materials

    The heads of the ball pein hammers are forged from steel or high carbon steel (HCS) but they can have a softer head made from brass. Non-sparking hammers have heads made from copper-beryllium alloy or aluminium-bronze alloy.

    Handle Materials

    There are many different materials used for handles, ball pein hammers typically use;

    • Hardwood such as ash or hickory that dissipates shockwaves from the head
    • Bi-material rubber
    • Steel: Durable
    • Graphite: Add strength and durability
    • Fibreglass: Absorbs shock vibrations

    Types of Peening Hammers

    • Ball-Pein
    • Straight Pein
    • Diagonal Pein
    • Cross Pein
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