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    A Sledgehammer is the largest of all the hammers, designed for the demolition or when a lot of power is needed to drive an object, for example, a fence post. A sledgehammer consists of a large, flat head which makes it great for striking objects. Sledgehammers handles can be made from a number of materials, steel, plastic or wood to name a few, but all equally provide durability. RS stock a range of sledgehammers from some well-known brands including Bahco, Facom and our very own RS PRO.

    How do Sledgehammers work?

    Sledgehammers rely upon the physical strengths of the operator to deliver accurate blows. Sledgehammers have striking faces that are strong and are used in instances where an ordinary hammer will not complete a task.

    Types of Sledgehammers:

    • Copper /Aluminium, Bronze - Also known as non-sparking sledgehammers and designed for use in explosive or flammable atmospheres, where regular tools may create potentially dangerous sparks. They are non-magnetic, explosion-proof and corrosion-resistant. Typical applications include mining, petrol and gas extraction, petrochemical refineries, energy production and transportation.
    • Carbon Steel Sledgehammer: Heavy-Duty Carbon Steel Sledgehammer, lightweight and strong. Heat treated to withstand the highest impact.


    The sledgehammer is a heavy-duty hand tool typically used in demolition applications. Able to deliver high-impact with a good degree of control, sledgehammers are often used to demolish brickwork and masonry, and as such are typically found in professional construction and DIY applications alike.

    Sledgehammers can also be used to drive stakes and chisels into hard ground.

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