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    Lump Hammers

    A lump hammer also known as a club hammer can provide extra power behind each throw compared to the smaller hammers but isn't as bulky as a sledgehammer. Being a smaller sledgehammer a lump hammer has a short handle, with a large square-shaped head. Mostly used when there is a need to demolish or for striking large objects. When you are choosing a lump hammer the weight of the hammer can be a condition as they are categorised by their weight, but there are other conditions to consider when buying a lump hammer. The make of the handle can vary through various types such as wood, fibreglass, graphite and steel. An added addition to the handle is often rubberised grips that offer additional grip and comfort for sustained working, as well as aiding shock absorption. Lump hammers usually consist of a steel head but there can be a need for non-sparking heads for more specialised applications, these are made from aluminium bronze.

    Where Lump Hammers are typically used?

    The lump hammer, sometimes known as a brick hammer or club hammer, is a lighter weight alternative to a sledgehammer and functions as a more compact, heavier mallet. For breaking bricks, paving slabs and stones, or for driving chisels, a lump hammer is ideal. It offers a good compromise of power and precision.

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