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    Wood Screws

    Wood screws, or woodscrews, are a type of fastener that is used to screw pieces of wood together. Wood screws can be used with chipboard, MDF, timber, softwood and hardwood materials. They are normally manufactured from strong materials such as steel or brass, which helps to strengthen joints. Wood screws come in a range of finishes too, such as zinc plated or yellow passivated to prevent corrosion. Wood screws feature a tapered body and a pointed tip which helps them to cut their own thread when being screwed into the wood. Sometimes a small hole (known as a pilot hole) must be drilled into the wood first to help navigate the screw into the correct position.

    Wood screws are available with various different drive types and head types. The most popular are the Pozidriv and countersunk head. We also offer a wide range of screw lengths, for example 30 mm and 50 mm. The length may also be given in inches. The screw threads are also available in different sizes, such as 4 mm or 5 mm. For help identifying which size and type of wood screw you need for your project, please see our guide to wood screws.

    Types of wood screws

    • Fully threaded screws should be used where a strong joint is required. As the thread is the whole length of the screw, it can withstand greater forces and potential movement.
    • Partially threaded screws do not feature a thread the whole way along the body, but have a smooth section underneath the head of the screw. Partially threaded screws are ideal for applications requiring two objects to be joined together tightly. Some may have threads at the top and bottom of the screw and a smooth section in the middle. The thread above the smooth shank keeps the top material firmly in place.
    • Twin thread wood screws feature two threads. This enables them to be inserted or removed twice as fast.
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