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    Machine Screws

    A machine screw is a blunt-ended screw that is used to fasten metal parts together. They can be coarse-threaded or fine-threaded and come in a wide range of head types. Most machine screws are fully threaded, which means the thread runs the full length of the fastener, from just under the head to the very end. You can learn more in our guide to machine screws.

    RS offer an extensive range of high-quality metric and imperial fixings for all your metalworking and panel building needs.

    What are machine screws made of?

    The fasteners are manufactured from a range of materials to suit various applications and environments. Materials include:

    • Brass
    • Steel
    • Stainless steel- A4 (316) and A2 (304) grades
    • Nylon

    Some come with coatings such as nickel-plated zinc-plated, galvanized, or passivated which helps to deter rust.

    Head and drive types

    Machine screws are available in a wide choice of driver and head types. Choosing the right fastener must be carefully considered.

    Head shapes

    The most popular head types are countersunk or Cheesehead although there are other types around including Truss, Pan, Hex, and round.

    Drive types

    A machine screw drive type refers to the type of tool you will use to install or remove the screw. There is a vast array of drive types, the most common being slotted, Phillips, Hex, and Pozi.

    Where would I use a machine screw?

    The screws are typically used to securely fasten metal parts together in machinery, tools, and panels. They can also be used in:

    • Appliances
    • Electronic devices
    • Vehicles
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