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    Metal Tubes

    Metal tubes are used for a range of applications in many sectors including industrial and DIY and can be manufactured with different materials. Metal tubes are lengths of material formed with a central void along their length. The metal types cover a wide area of tubing from steel tube, aluminium tube, stainless steel tube, mild steel, steel box section and aluminium box section. The type of metal tube consists of round, square and rectangular forms. Supplied in both imperial and metric sizes with many lengths available. Making them an efficient and robust solution for many applications including photographic, chemical, food and marine equipment.

    What are Material Grades?

    Material grades are given to a range of metals such as aluminium and stainless steel. Grades define the makeup of metal and classify properties like strength. There are several metal material grades and standards around the world, the grades can assist you in using the correct material for the job.


    Metal tubes are available in a range of materials all with their own features, benefits, properties and uses.AluminiumMild SteelStainless SteelLeaded gunmetalPhosphor BronzeGalvanised steel

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