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    Stainless Steel Tubes

    Stainless steel tubes are often described as stainless steel pipe, rod, tubing, pole and steel box section. Stainless steel tubing 316L grade is available in round form, and 25mm square steel tube. The stainless steel tubes are easy to weld due to the mild or low-carbon steel and can work at high temperatures as well as offering excellent resistance to rust and corrosion. Applications include marine environments, production lines, structural frames, and general fabrications.

    The stainless steel square tube is available in three colours in 3 metre lengths. The steel box section can be cut to length on site, ideal for constructing workstations, benches, and trolleys. It is easy to assemble with compatible accessories with a square tube profile of 25mm. Applications can include furniture for domestic, commercial, and industrial settings.

    Stainless steel tube sizes

    The stainless steel tubes are available in a variety of sizes from metric to imperial. These include the 25mm stainless steel tube as well as 1/4 inch stainless steel tubing and various other diameters.

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