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    Molex Crimps

    The name Molex is synonymous with electrical connections - and for good reason. For over 80 years they have been the go-to brand whenever you need a strong, long-lasting link. Their engineering experience means not only are they trusted around the world, they are also on the cutting edge when it comes to new technology. However, innovation can only be truly achieved when foundations are secure, and from a connection point of view this is where Molex wire crimps come in.

    Why use a Molex Crimp Terminal?

    Crimp connections are designed to be "gas-tight" meaning they are secure enough to withstand the rigors of industrial use whilst also preventing corrosion causing water and oxygen from reaching the metal inside. They are also incredibly simple to create - requiring no more than a crimp terminal and crimping tool. No solder means there are less materials involved, hence fewer points of weakness. There is also a reduced risk of injury to the person making the connection.

    The Molex connector range is universally known and used. Ensuring a firm hold between your wire and the connector housing is best achieved using proprietary parts. Once a crimp connection is made, your wire can be attached to any number of Molex solderless connectors or housings. Multiple points of contact between the crimp and connector provide excellent current capacity to ensure smooth operation and less downtime going forward.

    Molex Crimp Connector Types

    There are various types of crimp connectors, including open barrel and closed barrel. Open barrel crimps feature ears that are bent over the wire before being compressed – they are widely acknowledged to be easier to use and more secure. The Molex range of electrical crimp connectors utilises this design. It also includes both male and female options in sizes specifically designed to fit their micro-fit, mini-fit, mega-fit and ultra-fit connector ranges with a large choice of configurations and amp levels available. These crimps and crimp housings are used widely in the robotics, medical and automotive industries, as well as consumer electronics. They offer safety, security and ease of use.

    The full selection of Molex crimp contacts also has options made specifically for their SL (wire-to-wire) and KK (wire-to-board) ranges.

    Molex crimp terminals are produced in a range of materials suitable for several different applications and industries. Copper alloy is highly conductive, and when combined with gold-plating creates a crimp that also has excellent corrosion resistance and strength.

    Once your wire is crimped, there is an extensive range of Molex solderless connectors available to suit all applications.

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