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    Hirschmann Power Connectors

    In tough industrial installations power connectors are an essential component for connecting the power supply to machinery. Here at RS we have a comprehensive selection of sturdy power connectors from Hirschmann to choose from, so that you can find the perfect fit whatever the application.

    What are Power Connectors?

    Power connectors are components which attach a power supply, such as a cable, to equipment or machinery, providing a path for voltage or current to flow.

    Hirschmann connectors are built to handle challenging industrial environments and use intuitive designs to accommodate quick and easy installation.

    Their ST series includes rectangular power connection units which are designed to withstand the difficulties of outdoor usage, such as rain and UV. They also offer durability against vibrations and dust, making them ideally suited for moving applications. At RS you can select from Male or Female types, with 3, 4 and 5 pole options available to suit your needs. Integral strain relief protects against damage and stress from bending and ensures optimal cable security. Many use screw termination, making them fast and simple to attach, so you can benefit from a more efficient workflow.

    Hirschmann, a Belden brand, are experts when it comes to data communication solutions. They create secure, dependable, high-performance connectivity products that can be seamlessly integrated into today's modern complex industrial network infrastructures.

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