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    ABB Industrial Power Sockets

    As a pioneering leader in Control, Protection, Installation, Industrial Automation, and Robotics, ABB Industrial Power Sockets are ergonomically designed for optimum functionality in low power situations. So, if you're carrying out power applications in industrial settings, the ABB range of industrial power sockets has everything you need.

    As a globally trusted and reliable range, ABB industrial power sockets are carefully designed to comply with the necessary standards and regulations so that you can have safe and secure power installations.

    Not only do they strictly comply with necessary legal standards, but they are made with a compact design to ensure easy and efficient assembly to save you time with minimum hassle. To prevent any unwanted issues, ABB industrial power sockets typically include a locking mating system, which seals the connection and deters unwanted disconnection.

    Applications and Environment

    ABB industrial power sockets provide sufficient solutions for many environments. Whilst being generally suitable for light industrial applications, farms, constructions sites, and much more, they are often equipped with built-in dust covers. This makes them appropriate for use in high particle environments (such as powering woodworking machines). To provide optimum protection, ABB also offer a range of IP versions, such as IP67, so that you can be confident in safe and sufficient outdoor applications.

    Features and Benefits

    • Easy to Assemble
    • A Range of Voltage Suitability
    • A Variety of Mounting Types
    • Integrated Socket Dust Covers
    • Self-cleaning and Calibrated to maintain accurate contact pressure over time
    • Strong IP Ratings for Optimum Protection
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