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    32 AMP Plugs

    Our 32 amp plugs and power connectors includes numerous products designed for reliable and safe electricity supply, ideal for serving high demand power applications across a variety of industrial or machinery-driven environments.

    Brands we work with to supply our 32A connector plugs include our own top value RS PRO line, as well as other trusted names including ABB, Bals, Legrand, Mennekes, and Merlin Gerin.

    What are 32 amp plugs used for?

    Typically supplied with excellent electrical insulation, most models are IP-rated against varying degrees of environmental moisture and particle ingress, with IP44 splashproof ratings being an especially common standard. This makes many of our 32 amp plugs ideal for use in industries and work zones such as:

    • Construction sites: In sheltered or covered sites that could be exposed to mild weather conditions and light splashing
    • Agriculture: Often used with mobile equipment and appliances used or stored in sheds and barns
    • Sports and entertainment: Frequently found supplying lighting and power equipment in sheltered studios and warehouses
    • Light industry: Maintenance workshops, garages and shop floors

    What additional qualities might you need in a 32A plug?

    Some optional features displayed by certain models and makes of industrial power connector can include:

    • Higher ingress protection ratings
    • Toughened engineering plastic construction with self-extinguishing capabilities
    • High thermal stability and mechanical strength
    • Non-aging EPDM elastomer or rubber seals
    • Nickel plated brass contacts
    • Enhanced corrosion and abrasion resistance
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