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    ABB Industrial Power Plugs

    Need an industrial plug for your application? Look no further, as ABB Industrial Power Plugs provide an extensive range to suits your needs.

    ABB are a technology leader in Control, Protection, Installation, Industrial Automation, and Robotics, so you can be confident that ABB Industrial Power Plugs are ergonomically designed to provide optimum functionality in your application setting. Particularly within industrial settings, there are environmental factors that need to be considered when choosing power tools. ABB make this easy for you by designing industrial power plugs with a compact design, sufficient IP ratings, and locking mating systems. So, if you need to carry out any power applications, the ABB range of industrial power plugs has a vast array to choose from.

    Whilst complying with the appropriate standards and regulations, you can be rest assured and have safe and secure power installations.

    Applications and Environment

    Like the ABB industrial power sockets, ABB industrial power plugs provide great solutions for numerous environments like farms, constructions sites, and other various light industrial applications. To provide optimum protection, ABB also offer industrial power plugs with strong IP ratings, such as IP67, so that you can be confident in your power tools being dust-tight and waterproof.

    Features and Benefits

    • Easy to Assemble
    • A Range of Voltage Suitability
    • A Variety of Mounting Types
    • Self-cleaning and Calibrated to maintain accurate contact pressure over time
    • Great IP Ratings for Optimum Protection
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