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    Steel Conduit

    Steel conduit is used for the protection and concealment of electrical cables and wires. It is a special type of tubing system that is used in a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. Typically installed within a wall cavity, steel conduit can also be used in exposed areas due to its robust construction. Strong and durable in design steel conduit is extremely flexible and offers you the engineer a safe and effective cable management and protection solution.

    RS Offers a selection of High-Quality Steel conduits from well-known brands such as Kopex, Hellermann Tyton and Flexicon.

    Choose from a range of diameters and lengths, with IP Ratings ranging from splash-proof IP54 up to liquid-tight IP69.

    What are the advantages of Steel Conduit?

    Steel conduit has a whole host of desirable characteristics which make it ideal for harsh environments.

    • Extremely flexible
    • Easy to install
    • Excellent mechanical protection
    • Good resistance to oils, acids & Alkalis
    • Good resistance to chemicals
    • Good resistance to UV and Ozone
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