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    HellermannTyton Heat Shrink Tubing

    Heat shrink tubing is a fantastic way to take your cable sleeving to the next level. When creating a tight, secure seal around wires or cables is of paramount importance you won't find a better solution for protecting, insulating, identifying and bundling.

    Supremely versatile, HellermannTyton heat shrink solutions can be used in a variety of locations for a myriad of reasons.

    • Prevent strain around connections or bends and eliminate the risk of breakage due to wear and tear.
    • Create a barrier around wires, preventing electrical hazards or short circuits.
    • Protect cables from elements such as moisture, abrasion, UV radiation and chemicals – especially at obvious pain points.
    • Identify cables by creating a colour key system.
    • Organise bundles or cables by type, location or purpose making them neater and safer.

    How to Choose Heat Shrink Tube Materials

    Heat shrink tubing comes in a choice of materials. The most common material for HellermannTyton tubing is Polyolefin – sometimes referred to as Cross Linked Polyolefin (POX or PO-X). This versatile material is a great all-rounder, suitable for industrial, agricultural or office-based locations.

    PVC tubing offers exceptional grip and is available for use on batteries, low-voltage bus bars and cable joints. Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) tubing is often used for chemical applications.

    Consider also whether you require adhesive inside the tubing – this not only prevents slippage during after heat application but also adds an extra layer of protection from moisture, etc.

    Heat Shrink Sleeving Ratios Explained

    Pay particular notice to the shrink ratio shown when choosing your sleeving. The higher the ratio the tighter the grip once shrunk. HellermannTyton offer a choice from 2:1 all the way up to a super strong 6:1 with their HA67 range. This heavy-duty option is perfect when covering connectors and cables that vary greatly in size. On the other end of the scale the 2:1 ratio HIS-PACK range is an excellent choice for quick, efficient coverage.

    Clear Heat Shrink Tubing Vs. Coloured Heat Shrink Sleeves

    HellermannTyton heat shrink sleeves can be supplied in a choice of colours. Black is the most popular choice as it gives a neat, streamlined look, however clear is useful where wires or cables might need to be inspected whilst wrapped – this can be particularly useful for bundles. Yellow and green tape is often used for electrical applications and brighter colours such as red, blue and yellow are great for visibility and increased safety. Think about implementing a colour coded system in your workplace for easy identification. Heat shrink tubing can then be matched to HellermannTyton Cable Ties for a comprehensive coverage.

    What Size Heat Shrink Wrapper Should I Use?

    When choosing heat shrink sleeving, remember to consider the entire width of not just the cable but also any other elements that the tubing will need to pass over. Be sure to select the correct diameter for your task. A great way to make sure you have lots of options at your disposal is with a kit of sleeves in a range of colours and sizes. The HellermannTyton ShrinKit 321 Universal Basic Heatshrink Tubing Kit includes 177 pieces of pre-cut tubing in a range of colours. The shrink ratio of 3:1 gives superb protection wherever the sleeves are applied. Remember also that the length of the sleeve will shrink by 10-15%.

    Finally, if you're looking to increase the strength and protection of your heat shrunk connections, consider adding HellermannTyton hot melt tape at either end. Applying this before or after regular sleeving gives the best possible protection against moisture or other possible outside elements.

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