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    SWA Cable Glands

    SWA (Steel Wire Armoured) cable glands are specifically designed for use with SWA cables, which are commonly used in industrial and outdoor installations to provide mechanical protection and durability. SWA cables consist of conductors surrounded by insulation, inner and outer sheaths, and a layer of steel wires that provide additional mechanical strength and protection. SWA cable glands are used to secure and terminate SWA cables while maintaining the integrity of the cable's armour and sheaths.

    SWA cable glands are commonly used in applications where cables are exposed to harsh environmental conditions, mechanical stress, and the risk of damage. These applications often include outdoor installations, industrial settings, construction sites, and areas with heavy machinery or equipment.

    When selecting SWA cable glands, it's important to consider factors such as the cable size, the material of the gland (usually made from materials like brass or stainless steel), the level of environmental protection required, and any specific regulatory standards that need to be met. Proper installation of SWA cable glands is essential to ensure the cable's safety, performance, and longevity in demanding conditions.

    What are the features and benefits of SWA cable glands?

    The key features and components of SWA cable glands include:

    • Armoured Cable Grip: SWA cable glands have a specialised grip mechanism that secures the armoured layer of the cable, preventing it from being pulled out or damaged. This is important for maintaining the cable's mechanical integrity and protection.
    • Sealing: These glands are designed to provide effective sealing against moisture, dust, and other contaminants. This helps to protect the cable's components and ensure the longevity of the installation.
    • Strain Relief: Just like other types of cable glands, SWA cable glands provide strain relief, preventing the cable from being pulled or twisted at the point of entry into equipment or enclosures. This helps prevent damage to the cable's conductors and connections.
    • Gland Components: SWA cable glands typically consist of components such as a gland body, an armour cone or cone ring for gripping the armour wires, an entry thread for the cable, and various sealing elements like gaskets and seals.
    • Locking Mechanism: Many SWA cable glands feature a locking mechanism that ensures a secure and tamper-resistant connection between the gland and the cable.
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