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    LAPP SKINDICHT Cable Glands

    Buy from our range of SKINDICHT cable glands from LAPP. A cable gland is a small device, designed to attach and secure the end of an electrical cable to a piece of equipment. LAPP are globally known for being one of the leading suppliers of cables, connectors, and accessories and they offer an extensive range of high quality, reliable cable glands to suit your needs.

    The SKINDICHT range of cable glands from LAPP consists of both plastic and metal glands, with available materials including brass, die cast zinc, glass fibre, nickel plated brass and polyamide. Metal cable glands are suitable for use in more demanding, harsher environments, whilst plastic cable glands provide high strain relief and are ideal for use with flexible cables.

    LAPP's SKINDICHT range consists of cable glands with a variety of ingress protection (IP) ratings. The IP rating of a cable gland can be an important thing to consider when making a product selection. IP rated glands offer a specific level of protection against the ingress of moisture and dust. Protection classes range from IP44 to IP69K and the SKINDICHT line of products from LAPP offers a good selection of products within this range.

    You can rest assured that any purchase from LAPP's SKINDICHT range will deliver a high quality, versatile cable gland to suit your particular needs.

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