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    Audio Cable

    Here at RS we offer an excellent range of high-performance Audio Cables to suit your application. Choose from great brands such as Belden, Alpha Wire, Van Damme, Cable Power, S2Ceb-Groupe Cae, and RS Pro for your perfect audio connection solution.

    Audio Cables are designed for use in applications which require clear audio signal to be carried, for example with instruments such as microphones connecting to a PA system or stereo speakers. A wide range of cable types are available which vary in length, number of strands, and capacitances, so it is important to make the right choice for your installation. You can find out more in our audio cable guide.

    Types of Audio Cables

    The type of audio cable required will depend on the application it is intended to be used in. Audio cabling can be used with several connectors such as jacks, RCA and XLR’s, allowing them to be used in environments such as recording studios, music venues, stage production, and more. At RS we stock various audio cable types including:

    • Multicore microphone and instrument cable
    • Single core microphone cable
    • Speaker cable
    • Twisted and multipair installation cable

    Screened and Unscreened Audio Cables

    Audio cables are available either screened or unscreened, and the type of application and its environment can determine which one is most appropriate for your needs.

    Screened audio cables, also known as shielded cables, are better suited for environments where there is a risk of electromagnetic interference (EMI) or radio-frequency interference (RFI), which can negatively affect signal transmission. Shielding is a conductive layer that protects the core wires from interference caused by nearby electrical devices to ensure the highest quality audio. Different types of shielding include: braided, spiral, and foil.

    If you require a low cost audio cable for less technical applications, an unscreened cable may be more suitable. Also called unshielded cables, they tend to be more flexible and lightweight.

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