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    Speaker Cable

    Speaker Cables are a type of audio cable commonly used to connect receivers or power amplifiers to speakers. Alternatively, speaker cables are also used for the internal wiring of the speakers themselves.

    Where are speaker cables used?

    Speaker cables are highly versatile audio cables that are suitable for use in a variety of audible applications. Speaker cables can be installed in a wide range of settings such as; home cinema systems, recording studios, live music events, theatre and much more.

    What are speaker cables made from?

    Speaker cables are usually constructed using copper material with PVC insulation. The performance of a speaker cable depends on the quality of this material, therefore high-conductivity copper will have better performance to that of oxygen-free copper cable. Another material available is silver-plated copper.

    Does the cable resistance affect the performance of Speaker Cable?

    In general, if a speaker cable has a higher cable resistance it will lower the power level getting to the speaker, resulting in poor speaker performance due to damping. Damping factor is a simple mathematical equation which equals the load (i.e. speaker) impedance divided by the output impedance of the amplifier (i.e. the impedance across the output terminals). It's one measure of the ability of an amplifier to control speaker motion.

    Types of speaker cables

    There are a wide range of speaker cables available, each suited to various applications. Speaker cables can include a various number of cores in a range of lengths and sheaths. For indoor settings, in-wall cables are available and tend to feature a more robust protective insulation to prevent fires. For outdoor events, there are a range of durable speaker cables available with substantial casing to protect the internal wires from environmental damage.

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