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    2 Core Belden Cable

    Browse our range of 2 core audio cables from Belden here at RS and ensure superb sound quality for your installation.

    The Belden 2 core cables are available in a variety of configurations and types to suit your needs, including microphone, speaker, analog/digital audio, and twisted-pair cabling. Belden uses outer jackets comprised of robust and/or flexible materials such as PVC and EPDM to enable use in harsh or awkward environments. The screened 2 core cables safeguard against signal loss and crosstalk resulting from electromagnetic interference, giving you consistent transmission of audio signals. Select from different insulation options such as PE, PO, EPDM, and PP to find cabling with the perfect protective characteristics for your requirements. Many of their units also have wide operating temperature ranges, making them highly versatile.

    These audio cables use 2 cores, also called conductors, which are which are individually insulated wires encased in a protective sheath. For excellent conductivity Belden uses materials such as tinned copper to ensure effective transmission of electrical current.

    Beldens innovative cabling, networking, and connectivity solutions are designed to meet the high demands of the modern world and challenging professional or commercial environments. They are tried and tested across the globe. With Belden, you can be sure to find the perfect audio cables for every application.

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