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    4th Floor, Centenary House 1, Centenary Way, Manchester,  M50 1RF

    PATLITE UK LTD - New Frontiers in Safety Security and Comfort

    Founded in 1947, the Patlite company stands out today as a leader in the design of light and acoustic signalling devices. This international company carries out its activities at two main plants and offers acomplete range of products for industry. These include: pre-configured light columns, components & accessories for light columns, lamps for industrial machines, electronic alarms and speech synthesizers.

    Comfort and safety in industry. Professionals operating in the industrial field have the constant need to be warned of movements, failures or activations. Numerous events can occur without them noticing, putting their safety to the test. Patlite develops systems that can signal visually, when the surrounding noise prevents you from hearing, or acoustically, when an obstacle prevents you from seeing. Patlite innovates to continuously create new signalling solutions for industries and those who work there.

    Featured products

    Customisable tower

    Configurable Signal Tower

    • Signal tower with PoE (Power over Ethernet) connection, managed via a single cable.
    • Protocols: HTTP, Modbus/TCP, SOCKET
    • Customise alarms with 21 LED colours and 11 selectable sounds
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    Modular signal tower

    LR Series: Modular Signal Tower

    • Available in pre-assembled version and for individual modular components
    • Twist & Lock: replace the LED modules and add the buzzer easily
    • Available in 4 diameters: LR4 (40mm), LR5 (50mm), LR6 (60mm) and LR7 (70mm)
    • The buzzer module integrates 4 different selectable sounds, up to 90dB
    • IP65, for safe use even in the presence of water and dust
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    LR Series: PATLITE's fully customisable modular turret.

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