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CTS is a leading designer and manufacturer of products that Sense, Connect, and Move. We manufacture sensors, actuators, and electronic components in North America, Europe, and Asia. CTS provides solutions to OEMs in the aerospace, communications, defense, industrial, information technology, medical, and transportation markets. CTS focuses on providing advanced technology, exceptional customer service and superior value to industry partners throughout the globe.

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Surface Mount Quartz Crystal 403 Series

Surface Mount Quartz Crystal 403 Series
  • Fundamental Crystal design used in a wide range of commercial applications
  • Standard 3.2mm x 2.5mm Seam Weld Package
  • Frequency Range 10 – 60MHz
  • Frequency Tolerance, ±30ppm Standard
  • Frequency Stability, ±30ppm Standard

CTS is the reason so many of the things around you just work. They are building a smart, seamless world.

CTS aims to be a leading provider of sensing and motion devices as well as connectivity components. They accomplish this by maintaining a strategy of investing in innovative products that fulfill the CTS value proposition - sense, connect and move.

SMD Dip Switches

SMD Dip Switches

  • Designed for reliable operation with very small PCB space requirements
  • Optional top tape seal for board spray washing
  • SPST configuration available
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