Tool Boxes

Tool boxes are storage containers designed to store, organise and protect tools. Tool boxes are made from metal or plastic and are easy to transport around the home or workshop.

Tool Boxes Types
  • Cantilever Tool Box: A cantilever tool box opens up to reveal a tiered storage system for easy access to tools and parts. The unit is made from metal for long lasting use and durability. The construction of this tool box is protected by a heavy-duty powder coat paint finish, making it easy to carry, organise and store your most commonly used tools.
  • General Purpose Carry Tool Box: General purpose carry tool boxes are storage containers designed to store tools and accessories. Made from metal or plastic and easy to transport. Available in various sizes depending on your application.
  • Heavy-Duty Tool Box: Heavy-duty tool boxes are generally an open style tool box with a parts tray for storage, transportation of hand tools, power tools or documentation. Designed for the most challenging working conditions.
  • Mobile Tool Box: Mobile tool boxes are designed as a portable work-centre for the engineer on the move. Most designs offer storage compartments that connect to each other so you can configure the boxes as required. A telescopic handle and two wheels provide manoeuvrability.
  • Tote Tool Box: Tote tool boxes offer two solutions, they can be used in a storage system or as a standalone tote box for carry tools and accessories. Available in plastic or fabric, supplied with extra compartments and a generous carry handle.
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Description Price Material Box Type Length Width Height Dimensions Lock Type Number of Drawers Tray Type Colour Weight Range Shoulder Strap Bag Type
RS Stock No. 669-8218
Mfr. Part No.BS.T14
- - 420mm 240mm 340mm - - - - - - - Yes Tool Box
RS Stock No. 123-4649
Mfr. Part No.BP.C16NPB
Plastic Carry 391mm 222mm 164mm 391 x 164 x 222mm Padlock - Removable - 1.2kg One Touch - -
RS Stock No. 898-7416
Mfr. Part No.BT.200PB
Metal, Plastic Mobile Chest 510mm 287mm 294mm 510 x 287 x 294mm - - Removable - 5.2kg BiMaterial - -
RS Stock No. 793-2765
Mfr. Part No.DWST1-70702
Plastic Cabinet 332mm 440mm 326mm 332 x 440 x 326mm Latch 2 - Black, Yellow 30kg TStak Combo II Plus IV - -
RS Stock No. 833-5988
BrandRS Pro
Plastic General Purpose 263mm 250mm 494mm 494 x 263 x 250mm Latch - Tote Black/Red 1.9kg - - -
RS Stock No. 495-7540
Mfr. Part No.1-92-066
Polypropylene Carry 489mm 260mm 248mm 489 x 260 x 248mm - - Storage - - - - -
RS Stock No. 495-7528
Mfr. Part No.1-92-064
Plastic Carry 318mm 178mm 130mm 318 x 178 x 130mm - - Storage - - 2000 Series - -
RS Stock No. 123-4650
Mfr. Part No.BP.C19NPB
Plastic Carry 481mm 271mm 237mm 481 x 237 x 271mm Padlock - Removable - - One Touch - -
RS Stock No. 669-7199
Mfr. Part No.BT.13A
Metal Carry 560mm 220mm 238mm 560 x 220 x 238mm - - - - 5kg - - -
RS Stock No. 509-1635
Mfr. Part No.135207
Plastic General Purpose 395mm 210mm 220mm 395 x 220 x 210mm Padlock - Removable Tote - - - - -
RS Stock No. 790-4782
Mfr. Part No.1-79-216
Plastic Tool Box 394mm 220mm 162mm 394 x 220 x 162mm Padlock 2 Removable Black, Yellow 1.2kg One Touch - -
RS Stock No. 401-080
Mfr. Part No.BS.T20
- - 490mm 220mm 350mm - - - - - - - - -
RS Stock No. 123-4651
Mfr. Part No.BP.C24NPB
Plastic Carry 603mm 273mm 260mm 603 x 260 x 273mm Padlock - Removable - - One Touch - -
RS Stock No. 706-4701
Mfr. Part No.1-95-615
Metal; Plastic Carry 497mm 293mm 295mm 497 x 295 x 293mm Metal Latch - - Green; Gray - FatMax - -
RS Stock No. 316-172
Mfr. Part No.1-93-968
Plastic Wheeled 480mm 290mm 630mm 480 x 630 x 290mm Padlock 3 Removable Tote Black; Gray - - - -
RS Stock No. 793-2724
Mfr. Part No.1-70-349
Plastic Mobile Chest - - - 955 x 235 x 681mm Latch - - Black, Yellow - Tough System Full Set - -
RS Stock No. 829-2907
Mfr. Part No.BP.Z46APB
Plastic Compartment 45.4mm 24.4mm 32.4mm 454 x 244 x 324mm - - Side - 3.1kg - - -
RS Stock No. 790-4788
Mfr. Part No.1-70-326
Plastic Mobile Work Station 475mm 284mm 630mm 475 x 284 x 630mm Padlock 2 Removable Black, Yellow 4kg 3inone - -
RS Stock No. 784-0546
Mfr. Part No.1-94-857
Plastic Tool Box 400mm 209mm 183mm 400 x 209 x 183mm Padlock 1 Tote - - Babushka - -
RS Stock No. 326-006
Mfr. Part No.BP.P20
Plastic Carry 502mm 268mm 273mm 502 x 268 x 273mm Padlock Latch - Lid - 2.3kg - - -
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