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    Fluke Digital Thermometer

    Fluke is an internationally renowned brand in the field of process instrument design and manufacture, and especially well regarded for its line of high-end temperature measurement devices.

    We're pleased to stock an advanced range of Fluke digital thermometers for a wide range of industrial and field uses, many of which are ATEX hazardous area certified. These robust, durable and highly accurate temperature measurement tools can easily stand up to the rigours of tough site work while continuing to deliver accurate results year after year.

    Why choose Fluke thermometers?

    Fluke measurement devices are built to exacting specifications using class-leading materials and components, giving you the precision you need to get the job done accurately and within budget. In particular, the company's advanced line of contact and digital thermometers are among the most widely used and trusted in the world.

    The Fluke brand has picked up numerous key industry awards for design, practicality, quality and innovation over the years, both in its native USA and worldwide - recent accolades include:

    • 2019 Engineers' Choice Award
    • Multiple Plant Engineering Product of the Year prizes
    • A string of recommendations from leading industry review publications and websites (ProTool Reviews, Processing Magazine, Geek Wrapped and many more)

    The brand's impressive catalogue of dependable digital temperature measurement equipment is found today across a broad spectrum of industries and applications, including in many crucial day-to-day measurement, analysis, testing, maintenance and troubleshooting roles, and its products have earned an established reputation for portability, ruggedness, safety, ease of use, and rigid standards of quality.

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