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    Testo Digital Thermometers

    If you're looking to purchase a digital Thermometer with fast and accurate temperature readings, then Testo have got you covered! Testo has a wide range of Digital Thermometers with multiple different probes available to cater for your every need, including the popular 925 series.

    How do Testo Digital Thermometers work?

    Testo Digital Thermometers work by using sensors that determine the temperature by producing a resistance, voltage, or current change. This is then displayed on the easy to read LCD display screen. The main types of Thermometers are RTD, Thermistor and Thermocouple.

    Different types of Probes & what they do

    Testo Digital Thermometers include a variety of probes to use for all applications. Whether that be for use in the food industry, for industrial use or even for use in the laboratory, Testo has a Digital Thermometer for you.

    • Penetration Probes are used to check internal temperatures of items. These are usually used within the food industry as they can be inserted into food for health and safety measures.
    • Immersion Probes are similar to penetration probes but are generally used to gauge the temperature in liquids. This makes them ideal for use within laboratories and catering.
    • Surface Probes are used to measure the temperature of a surface.
    • Air temperature probes are used to measure an environments temperature with a short response time.
    • K Probes are made up of nickel and chromium or nickel and aluminium and can have a temperature range of up to +1000°C and are non-corrosive.
    • NTC Probes known as Negative Temperature Coefficient probes measure by reducing resistance as the temperature increases.

    Where might you use Testo Digital Thermometers?

    • Industrial maintenance
    • HVAC use / refrigeration and air conditioning applications
    • Food industry
    • Laboratory
    • Scientific research
    • Medical testing
    • General purpose temperature monitoring
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